Rhododendron alabamense Alabama Azalea

Latin Name: Rhododendron alabamense

Common Name: Alabama Azalea

Type of Plant: Understory shrub to 10′.

Native Range: Ridges, bluffs, sandy areas in Alabama and adjacent states.

Reported Hardiness: Zones 6-8

Cultivation and Uses: A drought tolerant native azalea that stays small and blooms during late early season to early mid-season, after R. canescens and R. austrinum, and ranks right at the top of the smell-o-meter. Spicy sweet fragrant white blooms are usually dotted with a characteristic yellow blotch, though there is also a solid yellow form. (My instincts tell me that the much faster growing yellow form is probably a natural hybrid or possibly even the recently recognized species Rhododendron colemanii, but either way you end up with a magnificent garden plant, and without a paternity test it is impossible to tell which is which anyway.) Some plants in sandy soil will become stoloniferous and form large colonies. Readily hybridizes with Piedmont azalea (R. canescens), resulting in some beautiful large fragrant specimen plants.

Price: 1 Gallon, Three Year Old Alabama Azalea Plants, $14.95 Sold Out

Price: 1 Gallon, Three Year Old Alabama Azalea “Yellow Form” Plants, $14.95



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