Kosteletzkya virginica Seashore Mallow

Botanical/Latin Name: Kosteletzkya virginica

Common Names: Seashore Mallow, Virginia Saltmarsh Mallow

Type of Plant: Herbaceous Perennial.

Native Range: Coastal Areas, NY to Texas.

Reported Hardiness: Zones 6-9.

Cultivation and Uses: Seashore Mallow is a close relative of the native eastern Hibiscus species that is distinguished by only a few technical considerations. It forms a many stemmed plant after only a year that blooms in profusion from August onward. It also tolerates salt water, hence the name “Saltmarsh Mallow.” Grows so fast that even young plants must be moved up into 3 gallon containers. A must have plant for all Hibiscus fanciers.

Provenance: All plants are grown from seed collected at the nursery.

Prices and Sizes: 1 Gallon, $9.95.

3 Gallon, $19.95


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